I am a hybrid of photojournalism and creative wedding photographer.

Photojournalistic is my kind of thing

i-am-tida-bwMy name is Tida. I am a destination wedding photographer based on Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. I also love to travel elsewhere in Thailand and worldwide. I always carrying my Thai passport and a suitcase full of cameras and gears to everywhere. I speak English, Thai and little bit of French. Stick in my website and have a look around. Feel free to ask me anything.

I love photography. I’m not saying that I am the best photographer, I would never will. Because two photographers might have the same skills and experiences. But what make the different that their personal touch and perspective toward the objects. Well, I would say that I’m unique and have my own perspective seeing things around me. And when it come to wedding photography, I am always keen to catch and capture every special movements which telling story, has feelings, and seem lively.

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Photojournalism  Photography

or Documentary photography

If you are looking a wedding photographer who can covers your real wedding, real feeling, real event. Make sure you ask he or she to shoot your wedding as in Documentary style.

I, personally loves this photography genre. To me every weddings is different. I would love to capture the event without disturbing the natural flows. Also it’s great to give some space to the shy couples, in come case.

However, I always mix documentary style with traditional photography style. Once the coupe and guess feeling ease. I will take a little control for some nice shots without interfere too much.


Traditional Photography

The style of photography that you would smile direct to camera or set up shot. The set up could be a real charm for wedding though. With professional photographer, it came out naturally and look as sweet as it was happening unintentionally.

It’s not the style that I like the most. But I apply this style to the shoots that my subject knows what he or she wants. Or discussed with me before hand.

However, I don’t usually tell the couples what to do or how to pose. Instead I guide them using words and body language. I rather make them think of special moments and lets the love work it magic.



Subjects or couples not always need to be filled in the frame. If you like your photography to be really arty, let your photographer know before hands. So he or she can checkout your wedding location ahead of time for the best out come.

However, every location can give a kind of artistic photography. It’s more on your photographer style. Is he or she arty for your wedding photography that you had in mind.

What they say about this wedding photographer


Mick and Brenda Breet
Thanks a lot, the pictures are wonderful and above our expectations! You made our day extra special and we are delighted to have had you as our photographer on our special day. If we can recommend you or help you in any way we can, we will definitely do so. The pics help us dream back at this perfect day and are reflecting the moments as good as they can. We also like the way you edited them. We hope you are doing great and wish you all the best, Mick and Brenda Breet

Mick and Brenda Breet
Sinikka & Holger
We also would like to thank you again that you joined our marriage and made it to a special day with breathtaking memories! It was so much fun to made the photos with you,although we are no models and firstly didn't felt very safe in front of the camera. But with your warm and friendly manner, we soon got some self-confidence.

Sinikka & Holger
Martina & Daniel
Thank you very very much for catching great moments on our beach wedding at kupu kupu phangan. We were so excited before but with the good vibration of the paradise and your good, funny and helpful advices we felt so great an it was an magic atmosphere everytime! We had a great time with you. Thank you, that you have been a part of it.

Martina & Daniel
Yuri & Darina
Amazing morning at Wat Pu Kao Noi will always be remembered by us - simply an experience that cannot be forgotten, and not only Tida was part of it, but also her work, that will stay with us forever.

Yuri & Darina

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