About Me

My name is Tida. I am international profession photographer. I usually carrying my Thai passport and a suitcase full of photography gears to everywhere. I speak English, Thai and little bit of French. My base is everywhere currently Koh Phangan, Thailand.


Tida Cha

I love photography. I’m not saying that I am the best photographer, I would never will. Because two photographers might have the same skills and experiences. But what make the different that their personal touch and perspective toward the objects. Well, I would say that I’m unique and have my own perspective seeing things around me. And when it come to wedding photography, I am always keen to catch and capture every special movements which telling story, has feelings, and seem lively.

I’ve been shooting weddings after weddings. And I started to realized my style and what did I do the best. I’m amazing at photo journalistic with a little touch of art. I also do traditional wedding photography though in case grandma or great grandma would like to frame them. The truth is, traditional wedding photography is tradition as its name. So of course, I wouldn’t miss it.

What can you expect from me

Considering that I’m there to capture the real moments in natural way. I’d rather capture your special moments than creating ones with my ideas. I would love to see your personalities and feelings through lens instead of setting in up in awkward pose.

I prefer honest and candid shots. However, I often use my personalities to ease everyone tension from being in front of camera. And I will give guideline just for a few shots. Let say every couples I’ve seen, started to feel relax and being themselves. I don’t like to interfere much after that. Because, firstly it’s your special days. It’s the happiest day yet in a couple life. So no matter what, you have tons of feeling to express. Secondly, I’m waiting for that special feelings and capture in through camera.

My style

I don’t really stick with any particular photography style. As it would be outdated by time just like fashion. Instead I’d like to make your wedding photography unique and says most about you.