"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything."

-Katharine Hepburn

I don’t think I will forget any weddings I’ve ever shot. Especially this one; Brenda and Mick. It was such a fairy tale like wedding.

Like most of my latest clients, Brenda and Mick never met me before. The wedding organizer chose me for their wedding. And they are happy about the decision. See their kind words. I met them a few days before the wedding to go through ceremony plans and such. I made sure they know what to expected, so I showed them my wedding portfolios. They seem to like it and they were saying “I trust you as professional photographer”. That gave me quite a credit, thank you again for trusting me.

As usual, we went off the boring administrative paper stuff. And got to know each other. I always do that. I always try to get to know the couple as much as I can before I shoot their wedding. Mostly because I’m curious and nosy haha .. ( a little truth there ) and I love to hear love stories, how they got together, how the groom proposed and such things. It makes me feel like listening to my friends talking about their great moments. And when I feel aura of love from the couple, I know there will be much feeling to capture on the the wedding day. And it was a relief to know that they are my kind of couples. By that I mean, they fit with my personalities and I can fit theirs.

In such a short time, we were connected. Brenda and Mick were together for more than 10 years. And as any woman, we hope our man will pop the question. So does Brenda and I. At that moment, I feel like I was connected to the bride. I feel like they are my friends instantly.

On the wedding day, there were just the two of them. It was lovely and wonderful. Brenda walked down from her room like a princess. And by her side was her forever prince.

They had both Thai and western wedding ceremony. I admire Brenda so much, the way that she paid respect to the monks and Thai culture. She covered her open shoulders with a scarf during Thai ceremony. And took it off after she walked away from the monks. How considering she is.

After my coverage was over, I was saying goodbye and lovely Brenda offered me to catch the bouquet as I could be soon a bride. Because we were joking about waiting for my man to pop the question. That was funny and nice of her.

I actually wrote this message a while after the wedding. And I kind of miss them and am thinking of them. Brenda and Mick, I’m sending my love and thoughts to you. I really hope to hear good news from you soon.


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