Destination wedding in Thailand

Martina ♥ Daniel

I’ve met a lot of wonderful couples. Martina and Daniel are one of them that make my heart so warm.

We met a week before the wedding and discuss about how do they like their photographs to be. This was kind of a blind date meeting, if that term even exist. But right after I show them my portfolio, which is this very website. They loved it. ( I guessed from faces expression ).

On the wedding day, we started with chilling mood. I always meet the couple before my shoot really start. Meeting them without camera between our eyes are best. We can talk and see how’s it going. The happy couple are as nice as the day we’ve met, even nicer actually. Julia and Daniel; bridesmaid and best man are lovely as well, funny and so helpful. Hanging around my clients before my work actually started, gives me a little more closure. I discovered accidentally that they have couple tattoos. Which I guessed they forgot to mention when I asked during our meeting, is there any meaningful stuff or items between you two. By discovering that, it helps me to capture more meaningful photographs and include it in their story.

If you follow me you should know, that I get goose bums during ceremony. Always! And believe it or not, during this shoot I had goose bums almost all the time. I just feel like they are so sweet and cute together. They just belong together.

During shooting and ceremony, we had so strong and harsh sunlight that afternoon. It does affect my shoot a bit. But we managed to avoid harsh light and go in the shaded garden. We spent right amount of time to cover most places and even sunset shots. All covered in a bit more than two hours.

And it comes to and end of my days of work. My happy day of work actually 🙂

Oh I shouldn’t forget to give credit to a lovely wedding destination or wedding venue; Kupu Kupu Phangan. It was amazing place there. They have spa by “L’occitane”! But even without relaxing bridal spa, I was already relaxed by just walking around. Love it!


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